how to emboss resist

How to Emboss Resist with Distress Oxides

29th May 2018

How to emboss resist!

Christine Smith (aka Crafti Potential) gives us a masterclass in Distress Oxide Ink and this time we’re experimenting with emboss resist!

Emboss resist is such a versatile technique, it’s one of those that has been around for a while, but with all the new inks and embossing powders coming onto the market, it continues to evolve. This feature shows some fun ways to use your Distress Oxide Ink with this emboss-resist technique.

Below we share a complete step by step in how to emboss resist for beginners showing how to achieve the perfect embossed resist with rainbow-coloured Distress Oxide Ink. We also show you another technique called

Emboss resist technique

When using Distress Oxide Ink, because of their unique formulation of a dye and pigment hybrid, you could even try this technique on black card, or on a darker colour of card, because the pigment in the inks enables them to be seen on darker surfaces.

emboss resist technique

This technique can be achieved with a variety of different inks and embossing powders, but the main advantage of using Distress Oxide, or even the original Distress Ink too, is that you can lift the colour from the card by adding water, this gives you countless more options for creating unique backgrounds.

In the advanced illustrated step-by-step guide I show how you can protect part of your background by adding clear heat embossing over the top of an existing background. This also works the other way around, using your clear heat embossing to protect the white cardstock. In the intermediate-level tutorial I heat embossed first, then used the embossing to protect the cardstock from the ink blending and from when I stamped over the top.

thanks emboss resist tutorial

You can also use your Distress Oxide Ink to create the embossed resist too, rather than just using Perfect Medium, or other brand of sticky ink. So for the ‘Thanks’ cards for example you can stamp your design with your coloured Distress Oxide, then heat-emboss them in clear to protect the colour, then you can ink over the top with more oxides, this could be used to create a striking contrast between complimentary colours, or you can use it more subtly by inking over the top with an analogous colour instead.

However you chose to apply this emboss-resist technique to your cards, you can be sure to achieve some fantastic results when you team it up with your Distress Oxide Ink. They’re such a unique formulation, and are great for beginners too because they blend brilliantly due to their dye and pigment blend.

HOW TO: beginner-level emboss resist with a Distress Oxide Ink background

emboss resist tutorial step 1

1. Use an anti-static powder tool to prep your cardstock, this just eliminates the embossing powder from sticking to any latent fingerprints on your card, and will give you a lovely crisp result to your embossing.

emboss resist tutorial step 2

2. Ink the stamp with a clear ink like Perfect Medium Ink to create an overall pattern on the panel. You can add powder to the stamped images as you go to enable you to see where you’ve stamped and avoid overlapping.

emboss resist tutorial step 3

3. If you’ve not used the embossing powder yet, add it to the images now and heat until it melts and takes on a shiny finish.

emboss resist tutorial step 4

4. Apply your first Distress Oxide Ink colour over the embossing using a blending tool and blend it slightly further up the card than you want the first colour to be, this will help you get a nice blend as you overlap two colours to make an in-between shade. Repeat for all of your chosen colours.

emboss resist tutorial step 5

5. Gently rub kitchen roll over the surface to remove any excess ink – this will help the stamping pop even more giving you a nice white crisp image.

emboss resist tutorial step 6

6. If desired, dip a small round paint brush into some clear water and gently tap the brush over the surface of your card to create little droplets, this will react with the Oxides and lighten the colour when you blot off the water with kitchen roll.

emboss resist technique

HOW TO: create advanced-level emboss resist with ghosting

advanced emboss resist technique 1

1 Create a rainbow background using your Distress Oxide Ink as before, then use an intricate stamp to over stamp all over your background using the same colours of inks.

emboss resist with ghosting step 2

2 Thoroughly dry your background with a heat tool, then use your anti-static powder tool too. To check its dry enough to heat-emboss on top of, you can tip embossing powder onto the card and see if it sticks, if it does, you’ll need to dry the card more.

emboss resist with ghosting step 3

3 Once dry, choose a solid stamp design, and stamp this all over the background using Perfect Medium Ink or similar.

emboss resist with ghosting step 4

4 Add the clear embossing powder all over the stamping, if you do have any stray specks of powder, you can always use a dry paint brush to remove the excess. Use the heat tool to melt the clear embossing. The heat embossing will protect the parts of the background we’ve just created.

emboss resist with ghosting step 5

5 To make the clear embossing more visible and to complete the technique, spray the background with water. This will activate the oxidation effect of the inks, and will lighten the entire design.

emboss resist with ghosting step 6

6 Use kitchen roll to blot off the water. If this didn’t lighten the background as much as you wanted, you can repeat this process. The background will now have a solid flowery design with the more detailed design trapped beneath it, and a paler version of this over the background.

Here are a few more of the gorgeous samples that Christine made for us.

We’d love to know how you get on, share your pics with us on our Facebook Page or tag us on instagram @simplycards_mag


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