SCP208 is on sale NOW!

20th August 2020

Issue 208 of Simply Cards & Papercraft is on sale NOW, and this issue is shrine to all that’s great about autumn! With a stunning set of a Tonic Studios Pine Cone die PLUS a 30-piece co-ordinating stamp set packed with autumnal goodness!

This issue has must-see features with a glorious array of discounts including a whole page of discounts from Tonic Studios which all have 10% off! We also have one of our biggest discounts being 40% off this wonderful Creative die set used by Sarah Gray’s 1 die set 5 ways feature!

Throughout this issue we have a wonderful array of features to inspire you. Expect a eye-catching inky showcase from Creative Stamping’s Nicky Gilburt, who brings you a wonderful array of techniques; if you’re looking for gift box inspiration then Sam Calcott’s makes are a must try; and finally, the awesome Ingrid Vichova brings your a mixed-media card collection.

As always we have fab competitions with this issue Lawn Fawn and CraftStash, who are giving one of you the chance to win a crafting electronics bundle worth over £500!

You can get your copy delivered to your door from CraftStash, or never miss an issue by subscribing via More Mags today! Simply Cards & Papercraft is also available from your local supermarket, find your nearest stockist here, and craft store.


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17 Replies to “SCP208 is on sale NOW!”

  • Fabulous magazine fantastic freebies gives me a lot of inspiration and enjoyment making cards and projects

  • So pleased to have found this lovely magazine on a rare shopping trip. The free gifts are perfect and timely for having a go at making my ‘Fall’ mad Daughter-in-Law a birthday card.

  • I ´ve got Issue SCP208 as a gift. In the package: no pine cone die, no stamps, but a card kit Alice in Wonderland (without explanations). I´m sad…;o((

  • Same to me. I’m not very happy about that.

  • I just bought this magasin and I am so disappointed. They show so beautiful cards to do inside, wiht stamps and the die as The free gift. But where is the stamps and The die? Instead there is a card kit packet, but no instructions how to do them 😔

  • I also bought this magazine and didnt recive the stamps and die. Instead I got Alice in wonderland that was an disapointment. What a waist of money. I was looking forward to The gift and didnt get it. I live in Sweden and I guess that its Hard to sheap The right stuff to me.

  • I am also very disappointed that the autumn dayz set was not in the package with my magazine. Mine included a Christmas stamp set and I wanted the fall set Specifically to make an upcoming wedding card.

  • I just bought this issue and I did not get my autumn stamp set with it. I am very disappointed.

  • At least you got the magazine, in Canada they have completely stopped sending the magazine although I have a paid subscription.

  • I just got the magazine for my birthday and there was stuff missing from the magazine there were no dies with it and the polymer stamps are not the ones that should come with the magazine is #208 and the stamps are for
    C;assic Christmas Please advice.
    Tina Meyering

  • I bought this magazine for the first time based on the picture on the magazine cover. I did not bother to flip the magazine over to look at the stamp set until I got home. I opened it immediately, looking forward to making a couple of cards right away. I was very disappointed to find that my stamp set was not the one that had been advertised at all. Instead, I received a rather basic Christmas set. I purchased the magazine solely because of the die and stamp set that were advertised, and being in Canada, paid an increased price for it as well. Yes, I didn’t take the time to ensure that things were packaged properly, I was in a rush to catch my train, but I’m now hesitant to buy another issue in the future.

  • I purchased the issue#208 autumn days
    And the stamps are Go Wild crafty individuals
    Not what I wanted

  • I agree with all the above comments. I got the Christmas set. Super sad….

  • Got the issue 208 but none of the stamps coordinate with the issue they are lovely. But the autumn one featured is gorgeous. Is there away to purchase it?

  • I too bought Issue #208 of Simply Cards & papercraft for the autumn stamps and the pinecone die, but my magazine pack had stamps of the British Garden Birds and no pinecone die. I am a bit disappointed.

  • With issue #08 I got the Go Wild stamps. Very disappointed there are no examples of cards that match the stamp set. What do we do to get her co4ect stamps for issue 208?
    I do not want these stamps hat do not match what the issue is about and nothin to match he stamps.

    I feel that the company ßhould send me the stamps and pinecomb die since this mistake is from the company.
    I would appreciate an email back from this company so we can get this worked out.
    Thank You

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