Altenew 5th Anniversary Blog Hop Day 3 + Giveaway

4th April 2019

We’re so excited to be a part of Altenew’s fabulous blog hop!

And in honour of Altenew’s anniversary we want to talk about their signature layered stamps. They have a huge (and GORGEOUS) range, but sometimes these can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re a newbie stamper. Multiple stamps that make up on image? Why is one stamp so detailed? Where do I even begin?

Layered stamps are multiple stamps that make up on whole image. Each layer adds more detail to the previous layer and once complete, you’re left with an image that looks realistic with lots of dimension. We’re having a play with the Beautiful Heart stamp and die set to create an easy all-occasion card. But first, let’s have a chat about everything you’ll need to layer your stamps effectively.

  1. Let’s talk colours! You’ll need a range of stamp ink colours. It’ll be helpful to have a combination of light and dark inks in one shade. Like 2 shades of green for leaves or 2 shades of purple for flowers. One shade will need to be significantly lighter than the other to get a good contrast in your layers. You’ll need one shade per stamp layer. This range of colours will give your stamping realistic depth.
  2. Now let’s talk ink. There’s a great selection of inks from Altenew, Nuvo Hybrid Inks, or even Distress Inks if you have those in your stash. Remember though if you’re doing any colouring with alcohol markers you’ll need to not use Distress Inks because they’ll smear. Hybrid inks are fantastic because you don’t have to worry about what medium to use with them. They work with watercolouring and alcohol markers!
  3. On to the good stuff–how to line up your stamps. Altenew has helpful layering guides for all of their stamps on their site, but it’s pretty easy to see how the stamps line up. Just look for a defining detail. Look for a specific curl in the petals or leaves and let that defining detail guide your layering. Once you become more familiar with your stamps, you’ll be able to layer more quickly.
  4. You’ll also need a stamping platform. Of course you can use a stamp block, but if you happen to not ink your stamp properly it’ll be difficult to line up your stamp with a block alone.
  5. Always start with the lightest colours first. Then the darker shade for your second layer and then finally your outline stamp in black for the easiest way to stamp layer. If you have 3 shades of one colour then that will be even more realistic.

Stamp layering takes time, and it can be a bit frustrating when things don’t line up, but be patient and don’t lose heart! You’ll become more familiar with your stamps the more you use them, and the results are definitely worth the effort.


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Giveaway Prizes and How to enter to win!

Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to 5 lucky winners and one Altenew Academy class to 10 lucky winners. There are also 14 awesome companies/crafty friends who are celebrating with us, and they are offering the following prizes:

Be sure to leave comments by 12th April 2019 for a chance to win! 33 winners will be chosen at random from the comments left on any of the blogs listed below and will be announced on the Altenew Blog on 20/04/2019.


Kathy Racoosin  

Therese Calvird

Pretty Pink Posh

Nicole Picadura

Flora Monika Farkas

Norine Borys

Emily Midgett

Butterfly Reflections Ink

Jessica Frost-Ballas

Lisa Spangler

Jen Schow

Nancy McClelland

Raquel Bowman

Sarah Naumann

Janette Kausen

Kim Jeffress


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