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Cardmaking Backgrounds – How to use Spray Inks

23rd January 2019

Christine Smith’s helpful guide shows the versatility of spray inks and how to create unique backgrounds for your cardmaking projects.

Step by Step Spray Inks Tutorial

At the end of this post we share a step-by-step photo tutorial to show you exactly how to use spray inks to create really beautiful backgrounds for your cardmaking and art journals / scrapbooks. Enjoy all the gorgeous inspiration on the way down!

Ink sprays / Spray Inks, are a great way to make super quick and vibrant backgrounds for your cards, papercrafts and art journal projects. They are a versatile product and, as they are highly pigmented, they go a long way, especially if you dilute them into another bottle with water – if you do this they will last you a lifetime.

spray inks tutorial for cardmaking backgrounds

How to avoid mess when using spray inks

Just because they are called spray inks, it doesn’t mean you have to spray them, a less messy way to use them is to tip some out into a palette and use them with a paintbrush, or you can even fill the barrel of a water brush with them too!

spray inks water brush

Another great way to minimise the mess is to place your card into an old washing up bowl or cardboard box before spraying; the sides will then protect your work surface from getting covered in ink.

My favourite way of avoiding the mess, but still getting a sprayed look through a stencil, is to use water to spray through the stencil rather than spraying through with ink, this technique is called ghosting.

cardmaking tutorial using spray inks

You can also mix in mica sprays to enhance the look of any generic flat ink sprays as well as using the emboss-resist technique, positive and negative stencilling and ghosting too.

emboss resist technique with spray inks

Whichever way you decide to use ink sprays, just jump in and have fun, they really do go further than you think so having a little practice before starting on your project won’t be a waste. Keep every inky sheet you create as you never know when one of those will be the perfect design for that special project!

spray ink background tutorial

How to create a stencilled spray ink background

Follow Christine’s step-by-step tutorial for creating your own gorgeous spray ink backgrounds

spray ink tutorial

1 Fill a spray bottle with water then pick the two colours you want to work with.

spray ink tutorial step 2

2 Use the orange spray ink on a few areas, holding the bottle 8-10” from the cardstock. This ink is very concentrated, so you really don’t need too much.

spray ink tutorial step 3

3 Add a few sprays of the pink ink too. It’s OK to leave white areas as the inks will spread when wet.

spray ink tutorial step 4

4 Spray the inks with lots of water to dilute them and help them cover the entire piece of card. Leave the panel to dry naturally, the result will then give a more saturated colour.

spray ink tutorial step 4

5 Position a stencil over the cardstock and use the gold Nuvo mica spray, spraying through lightly to create positive stencilling.

spray ink tutorial step 5

6 Flip over the inked stencil and press the remaining ink onto another area of the background for a positive and negative print on the inked cardstock.

spray ink tutorial step 6

The finished spray ink background looks amazing as you can see from all of the beautiful inspiration designed by Christine Smith – you can find more of her work at her blog Crafti Potential

This article was first featured in our sister title Creative Stamping issue 57.

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