Clear Heat Embossing Tutorial with distress oxide inks

Clear heat embossing tutorial to create beautiful cardmaking backgrounds!

31st January 2019

Cardmaking for Beginners! Clear heat embossing with Distress Oxide Inks to create a beautiful background!

This is also known as the emboss resist technique – there are so many embossing techniques you can find more tutorials over on here – embossing techniques.

In this video we show you the steps needed to create perfect heat embossed backgrounds for your cards using clear embossing ink and embossing powder, it’s a really pretty look that gives your stamps a whole new lease of life – stamping is not just about colouring them in with alcohol markers!

1. Use an anti-static tool, this avoids any embossing powder getting stuck to fingerprints rather than just setting on the embossing ink.

emboss resist with clear embossing ink

2. Ink the stamp well with a clear embossing ink pad. Once inked add the embossing powder, pour any excess embossing powder back into the pot. You can do this as you go along stamping so that you can better see where you have already stamped and before the ink dries.

stamping with clear embossing ink

3. Heat the embossing powder gently until it melts, you’ll know as it starts to turn shiny. It’s a little hard to see in the video, but in real life you’ll be able to see clearly.

heat embossing clear ink

4. Decide on your colours and begin to apply the Distress oxide inks using a sponge or blending tool. You can see clearly in the video how easy it is to blend colours this way to create pretty backgrounds.

emboss resist with clear embossing ink and distress inks

5. Blend away hard lines. You can also rub a little kitchen towel or a clean blending sponge over the finished background to make the embossed areas show up even better – you may find you don’t need to.

emboss resist tutorial - use a sponge to blend away hard lines

We’d love to see your projects using clear heat embossing or the emboss resist technique. You can share your pics along with thousands of other cardmaking fans in our dedicated cardmaking facebook group.

cardmaking facebook group

Leave us a comment below if you have any questions!

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