Craft Room Tour Helen Griffin

Craft Room Tour – Helen Griffin of Simply Made Crafts

30th May 2019

Helen Griffin’s craft room

We take a sneak peek behind the door of Helen Griffin’s craft room. Helen is the lady behind Simply Made Crafts, a gorgeous range of products including her famous exploding box die!

exploding gift box die

Craft Room Quiz!

What one item in your craft room could you not live without?

My paper trimmer

Helen Griffin Craft Room Swoon 4

What’s your favourite storage solution?

I store my scoreboards, punchboards and trimmers in a wooden plate rack

How do you organise your products?

Usually by type and the things I use most are easy to access

Helen Griffin Craft Room Swoon 3

If you could buy any item for your craft room – what would it be?

A big box of Cosmic Shimmer glue

Do you tidy away your products as soon as you’ve finished creating, or tidy up after it gets too messy to carry on?

I tidy up after every project to prevent leaning towers of crafting supplies!

Helen Griffin Craft Room Swoon 2

Where is your favourite place to buy your craft room solutions from? We love ikea!

I also love Ikea! But Amazon is good too with fast delivery – I’m very impatient

If you could only buy one more item for your craft room – what would you prioritise?

Distress Oxide Sprays!

Do you like to have items on display or hidden out of site?

I like to have my most used items and the pretty things on display.

Helen Griffin Craft Room Swoon 5

Have often do you re-arrange your craft room?

Every few months as I like to craft shop! But that does mean decluttering too

Quick fire:

Organised or clutter? Organised clutter

Wall art or pin boards? Wall art

Storage boxes or trays? Storage boxes/trays without lids

Favourite décor colour combo? Mint, oak & white

Label or not to label? I tend to remember and go for a rumage

Find out more about Helen on her website – or head over to CraftStash to shop her fabulous range! ( ) Including this amazing exploding box die shown in the video below!

Craft Room Tour Helen Griffin

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One Reply to “Craft Room Tour – Helen Griffin of Simply Made Crafts”

  • Hi Helen!
    Lovely to see a bit more of your craft room 😉
    A couple of questions….why are there no pictures of samples for the hexagon clutch box?
    Where is the gable box die set that there are samples for, but I can’t see the die set for?
    Since I found you on YouTube a relatively short while ago I have been expecting you to appear on HOCHANDA…and tomorrow is the big day. Don’t be too nervous! I’m sure you’re be well prepared and have contingency plans for when items sell out (the exploding box is sure to go :)).
    Good luck.

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