crocheting on cards

Crocheting on Cards!

26th March 2019

Have you tried making cards using crochet as the feature embellishment? It’s a great way to incorporate another hobby into your cardmaking. If you haven’t tried crochet yet, it’s a really great hobby and with just a few hours of practise you’ll be able to start crocheting little projects.

crocheting on cards

Crochet Now, One of our fabulous sister magazines currently has a great cover gift which gives you everything you need to crochet some little projects to add to a card. With every issue of Crochet now you also get step-by-step guides for starting to crochet, or if you already know the basics you’ll find tips for building your skills too!

crochet pineapple card idea

For more crochet on card inspiration see our Pinterest board!

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  • There are just some things that shouldn’t be done and this is one of them.

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