how to make your own envelopes

How to make diy envelopes for your cards

14th February 2019

How to make your own envelopes!

Learn how to make a basic envelope in this useful tutorial by Kim Dellow to make your own envelope template which you can re-use again and again for your favourite card sizes. Complement your gorgeous cards with a matching envelope and impress your recipients.

Making a patterned paper envelope for a handmade card makes the recipient’s experience even more special. It is simpler to do than you might think and just needs some basic measuring to create a quick bespoke envelope. You can find beautiful papers to download to make your envelopes on our website – download free patterned papers.

how to make an envelope

DIY Envelope Tutorial and Tips

I like to make my envelopes from 12×12” double-sided patterned paper as it is impressive to have the decoration inside as well as outside, but if you haven’t got any you can always get your stamps out and decorate the other side of the paper yourself!

Or when you download free patterned papers just use the print both sides option on your printer!

make your own envelope

How to make a basic envelope – step-by-step

It’s a good idea to make your own templates when making envelopes, especially for card sizes that you use regularly. Use a large piece of ordinary cardstock to make a template and it will last you a long time, but remember to make the template a few millimetres larger than the card you want to send so it is easier to slot the card in and out once the envelope is finished.

how to make an envelope

Measure the card and add 5mm to the width and length. Mark off 2cm of the length of the cardstock and 2cm on the top and bottom edges, then connect the marks.

how to make an envelope tutorial

Now mark off three-quarters of the width of the card, the whole width of the card, and just under half of the width of the card on the left and right edges of the cardstock, then join the marks.
how to make an envelope

We’ve added pink areas to show you the finished envelope and what you need to cut away from your template.

how to make an envelope tutorial 2

Cut out the basic template then use it to make envelopes by drawing around it on patterned paper, score the fold lines for each flap and cut out. Then glue the left, right and bottom flaps together, making sure the flaps don’t stick to the inside.

diy square flap envelope

Don’t feel that you have to stick to the triangular flap-style envelope shape that we are all used to as these are often the hardest to make. Rectangular flaps are far easier to make and look just as good.

Another thing that helps is to very slightly taper the top and bottom of the left and right flaps and the left and right sides of the top and bottom flaps by 2–3mm to give the envelope a more professional look. If you look at envelopes you have bought you will see that the flaps are usually tapered to make it easier to fit the body of the envelope.

Top tips for making your own envelopes

  • If you know that you are not going to post your envelope, then you can really go all out with the decorations and add embellishments to match the theme of the card inside.
  • If you are having difficulty making envelopes with triangular flaps, try rectangular flaps instead or use an old envelope as a guide
  • Stick a label to the front of a busy piece of patterned paper so that the post office can see the address if you are posting it
  • Use an envelope glue like the Lick & Stick Remoistenable Envelope Glue if you want your envelopes to have a professional sealable top flap
  • Rub out pencil marks before scoring in areas that will be seen

This envelope making tutorial by Kim Dellow was first featured in papercraft Essentials 146

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