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A Day in the Life of the Hunkydory Design Team

15th April 2019

A Day in the Life of the Hunkydory Design Team

We spoke to Ashleigh at Hunkydory to find out all about what it’s like to be a part of the Hunkdory design team.

Here at Hunkydory, there are a large number of people who work incredibly hard to give you the best quality crafting products. What started as an idea gets transformed into the tools, designs and artwork you see and use every day.
Our talented design team play an instrumental role in this process. We spoke to Alan, our Product Design Manager, who took some time to answer some questions we thought you would want to know the answers to.
Take a look behind the scenes and discover what a day in the life of our design team is like.

How Many Members Are on the Design Team?

There are two product design teams managed by myself and Jen. Each team has four members, so there is a total of eight design members.
What is Each Members’ Individual Role?
On my team, I work with Laura, Mysia and Dawn. Our focus is designing the main papercraft products from Hunkydory, including the Luxury Card Collections, Designer Deco-Large, Mirri Magic Collections, and a huge range of additional products.


On Jen’s team are Claire, Stacey and Harriet. Jen and Claire also work on these products but their focus is innovation and breaking the norm. This is how we managed to add our own range of craft tools and other exciting products! Stacey and Harriet are responsible for all the fantastic For the Love of Stamps and Moonstone Dies products.


How Long Has Each Member Worked at Hunkydory?

Every member of the design team is greatly experienced; however some of us have been working for Hunkydory much longer than others! I have been working at Hunkydory for 11 and a half years, Jen has been here 7 and a half years, Laura, Dawn Claire and Stacey have all been here for 3 and a half years, Mysia has been a design member for 1 and a half years, and Harriet is our newest member, having been here 8 months.


What is the Design Team Responsible for?

The design team are responsible for creating the product, but most importantly ensuring it is the best it can be. We understand how passionate our customers are and we strive to offer them what they deserve; which is the most innovative, creative and desirable range of crafting products on the market. At Hunkydory, we are very fortunate to have so many stages of the creative process completed on-site – something that is quite rare in an industry like ours.

All of the foiling and die-cutting processes are performed in-house by a highly skilled team of machine operatives so we get to see the end product first and sign off on it or spot anything that needs a last minute amendment or alteration. It’s great having that opportunity to really pay care and attention from the beginning to the end.


How do You Create an Idea into the Final Product? What Steps Do You Take?

The steps we take can really vary from launch to launch. Sometimes, we’ve found some amazing artwork we really want to use; other times we will have a theme in mind and we will go searching for the perfect artwork that will suit it best. This can take a long time but it is incredibly rewarding in the end.

There are many factors we take into consideration. Firstly, we need to know what the product will be and what it will include, for example, will it be a Topper Collection, Deco-Large Collection and so on. We consider elements like shapes, colourways, fonts and patterns.
The majority of our days, you will find us designing, but so much preparation has gone into this beforehand to ensure the outcome is as stunning and consistent as it should be.

What Are the Most Challenging Tasks the Design Team Faces?

One of the biggest challenges we face is trying to keep every design fresh, there are themes that we come across and hit a number of times because they are so consistently popular and requested, but, we always ensure there is something new and different with each one. Our design team at Hunkydory does this very well.

Another challenge we face is keeping up with fashions and trends, and trying to stay ahead of what our customers want so we can give it to them. This is where our interest and passion for crafts shows.


What Characteristics, Qualities and Skills Make a Great Designer?

I would say, the main three characteristics a good designer needs is creativity, passion and drive. These are traits every member of our design team has.

Do you Have Any Individual Highlights? What is Your Greatest Achievement?

It’s always very satisfying when you’ve worked on something and then seeing the end results, showing all of our hard work has paid off. Sometimes, you forget that it was you that worked on it when you see the shiny foiled and die-cut product on TV or in a shop!
You see something the creative team have made, and its mind-blowing how they’ve taken something you are proud of and used it to make something even better!

We get amazing customer feedback which means the world to all of us; because it’s the customer we’re doing this for in the first place. For customers to say how much they liked something we created is why we love doing what we do and it’s a hugely rewarding part of our job.

How Much Creative Freedom Do You Have When it Comes to the Final Product?

The crafting industry allows large amounts of creative freedom to a designer. Every designer here at Hunkydory brings so much of themselves to their work in so many ways, whether it is creating a clever concept card or bringing something different or surprising to decoupage or toppers, or coming up with something completely brand new!

How Do You Collaborate with Other Departments at Hunkydory?

The main team that product design works with is the creative team. The hugely talented Anne-Marie, Ruth, Natalie and Sheila use all kinds of craft products everyday – they eat, sleep and breathe craft! Their feedback and input is invaluable to us. Likewise, customer service is our direct link to the customer and no one is more important to us than them.

How do You Meet Tough Deadlines?

Over the years, the design team has grown and grown. The team of 8 we have today was once only a team of 2, and this was when deadlines were really tough! The amount of talent and resource we have as a company now means time is a lot less constraint so the focus can be reiterated to really perfecting the product.

What’s Your Favourite Collection You’ve Worked on at Hunkydory?

This changes from day to day! This year, ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’ and ‘Midnight Butterflies’ are two stand out collections. However, looking further back, I drew the characters for ‘Golden Oldies’ and wrote the stories for ‘Patchwork Forest’, and also a lot of poetry for ‘Window to the Heart’; so these collections will always be very personal launches to me.
My mum still has an art deco concept card that I created years ago in her living room and seeing that always brings a smile to my face.

What is Your Favourite Part of Your Job?

Personally, my favourite part of my job is getting to work with such amazing and talented people. I’m really lucky to work so closely with Laura, Mysia and Dawn every day; they are incredibly passionate about every single thing they create and they keep work fun and interesting!

What Skills Have You Learnt Within Your Role?

I’ve learnt numerous skills within my role. When I started here all those years ago I had no idea about the crafting industry and how it worked – now it’s a part of my life every day. There is always something to learn and things are always changing so you find yourself constantly developing with them.

That is why we always have something new and exciting just around the corner.
We hope you have enjoyed your insight into a day in the life of our design team here at Hunkydory.

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