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16th May 2019

We took a look inside the craft room of Kim Demmon of Today’s Creative Life

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What one item in your craft room could you not live without?

My long counter space and craft table!

What’s your favourite storage solution?

I love the clear storage containers I find at Michaels Craft Store. They are 14″ x 14″ by 3″ making them easy to stack. I will sort my supplies by season or theme in each box.

How do you organise your products – colour co-ordinated? By brand? By theme? Other – please specify

I organize all like items together. For my themed or seasonal items, I store in the containers mentioned above. Because I take a lot of styled photos for my website, this makes it easy to find seasonal items quickly when they are all stored together.

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If you could buy any item for your craft room – what would it be?

Gosh, I’m pretty lucky to have a wide variety of craft supplies, but maybe a GlowForge Laser Printer would be fun.

Do you tidy away your products as soon as you’ve finished creating, or tidy up after it gets too messy to carry on?

Heck no! When I’m finished, I am excited to either photograph it or use it! I will however clean up before I start a new project, depending on how large it is.

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Where is your favourite place to buy your craft room solutions from? We love ikea!

I love IKEA too! And Micheals, or JoAnn. One of the biggest solutions came from my local hardware store. I purchased cabinets, painted them and added them to our bonus room.

If you could only buy one more item for your craft room – what would you prioritise?

I have thought about adding one long counter across the back wall and letting my tall craft table go. This would really open up the space, but I’m also afraid I’d miss my tall table.

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Do you like to have items on display or hidden and out of site?

Because I’m a visual person and I like to see what I have, I would love to have everything out at once. Sadly my room isn’t set up like that and wouldn’t leave much table top or counter space. It would have to be done in a stylish way, otherwise, the messy look would squash my creative side.

Have often do you re-arrange your craft room?

Not very often. The only thing that may change is if I put the table against the wall. There just aren’t a lot of options.

Quick fire:

Organised or clutter? – Organized, but it’s often cluttered.

Wall art or pin boards? – Pin Boards

Storage boxes or trays? – Both!

Favourite décor colour combo? – I love white with any bright color.

Label or not to label? – Label!

If you would like to find out more about Kim Demmon head over to her fabtastic website!


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