Interview with Jennifer McGuire!

17th April 2019

We were so excited to catch up with cardmaking enthusiast Jennifer McGuire to discuss all things papercraft!

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Growing up, Jennifer was a math kid. She LOVED math! She went to college and majored in engineering. After working for a big company for a few years as a mechanical engineer, she quit and made her hobby her job!

Although she started in scrapbooking, she has since focused on cardmaking and stamping. She’s so thankful that her job enables her to work from home with my wonderful family – Ken, Kay, Audrey, Colin and Lila.

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How did you career in crafting start?

When I was working as an engineer, I was looking for a hobby. So I started volunteering with my church’s youth group. After a mission trip, I wanted to make a scrapbook and was immediately hooked. Within a couple years, I quit my engineering job to craft full time.

What is it that you love about papercraft?

There are many things I love about papercrafting. First, I love the joy of creating and the kindness of giving handmade cards. Second, the cardmaking community is such a wonderful place, full of supportive people.

If you had to pick between all forms of papercraft and it was only this craft you could do for the rest of your life – what would it be?

Cardmaking… without a doubt. I love that it ends with giving the card to someone else to make them smile.

What’s your favourite cardmaking technique?

I love any technique that allows me to combine stamping, inking, and die-cutting.

What one cardmaking item is your favourite thing to use and make with – and that you couldn’t live without?

I don’t think I could craft without my MISTI stamping tool. It makes it possible for me to make many cards at once.

What is your favourite-ever project you’ve made?

I really can’t answer this. I don’t have a favourite project. All of my favourites are things others have made!

Who and what inspires you? How do you find all of the inspiration for your makes?

I am inspired by the great companies who make stamps and dies. Their fun and unique designs make crafting fun. It is inspiring!

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We know you have taught in-person classes in the past, but now focus on online tutorials instead. Why is this?

I am a technique girl. And there is no better way to teach techniques then with a video. When I was working for Hero Arts years ago, they asked me to try videos. I was hooked. It is a fun way to share!


We love your Online Card Classes site, but can you tell our readers a little more about it, and what it is you do with it?

Several years ago, Kristina Werner and I teamed up to start Online Card Classes. We wanted to have a way to thoroughly teach about a specific technique or theme… and to share the work of many amazing cardmakers. We love that we can work together as we have become dear friends.

Have you got a favourite thing you like to teach new or less experienced crafters through video?

I am always looking to show new ways to use products someone may already have. Or show multiple things with one product.


When you started your blog in 2002, what was the main aim and how have you grown the blog since?

I really started my blog on a whim and had on expectations. I am not at all a goal setter. I just believe that if you do what you love and work hard, then you will end up where you should be.

Do you have a favourite crafting machine/tool?

I love the Gemini Junior. It cuts amazingly well!

What brand/s are your favourite craft supplies from and any particular item/product?

There are too many to name! Although I don’t work for any companies, I am honoured to be friends with many and work WITH them. And I am happiest when I can mix my favourite brands on one card.

Would you want to design a range of products with one of your favourite brands?

I have never had a desire to create my own product. I have much more fun using products created by my friends!

Your following is huge online, but we also love the work you’ve done offline – in particular with magazines. What do you love about crafting magazines?

Crafters often love paper… and love to create with their hands… so, to have a magazine full of ideas in their hands? It doesn’t get any better.


What advice would you give to a crafter who wants to start a blog, YouTube channel or selling their makes on ETSY or similar, who doesn’t quite have the confidence to do so?

Just have fun! Do YOUR thing and stick to what makes you happy. People will notice.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

The people! I never thought I would have friends like I do now from crafting.

We’ve seen glimpses of your craft space on Instagram – what’s the favourite thing about your craft space?

Since crafting is my job, it is important that I have an organised space in my home. I put it next to the family play area and I love that it is always busy there. I also have a large window so I can enjoy a calming view.

Any crafter strives for an organised craft space – what’s your tried and tested way of organising your craft supplies?

Label your supplies immediately when you get them. I then keep new products together so I remember to use them. And then they get put away when I am done. I also recommend cleaning up before starting another project.


Aside from crafting, do you have any other hobbies and interests?

I LOVE to travel. Our family enjoys going to the islands… where we can have time together on quiet beaches.

If you were not working in the craft world, what job would you be doing?

This is a tough one – I feel I have found my calling!

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

I am just always looking for ways to help and facilitate companies working together and to give back to our community. I love that.

Quick-fire round:

Favourite crafting occasions? Surprise encouragement cards

What is your guilty pleasure? Going to baseball games!

Online or in-person tutorials? I prefer to teach online

Favourite country/city you’ve visited? Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. So pristine and inspiring.

Favourite colour? Pool… the light colour of the ocean

Favourite food? Peanut butter!

Favourite junk food? Peanut butter!

Favourite drink? Water

What is your biggest passion? Family time and sharing my love of crafting

Biggest ambition? To travel lots

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  • I think Jennifer and Kristina Werner are my favourite sources of inspiration, as I love techniques too. If you haven’t tried their online classes, they’re well worth it, and you can re-visit them ad infinitum.
    Most important, Jennifer seems like a good person, thanks for this.

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