Layered heat embossing tutorial

Layered heat embossing tutorial

16th January 2019

Ingrid Vichova talks us through the layered heat-embossing technique to create beautiful birthday and all-occasion cards – scroll down for the full step-by-step photo tutorial with Ingrid’s top tips.

We all like to play and experiment with the wonderful products in our craft stash. I personally love to play with various embossing powders. There is one technique that recently caught my eye and I feel it is time that it hit the spotlight so that you can all try it out.

I’ve been exploring layered heat embossing and want to share my creative journey and the results. It might seem complicated at first, but it’s easily done with the right tools and a few easy steps.

Layered heat embossing tutorial hello

All you need is an embossing ink, an embossing/anti-static powder tool, embossing powders in different colours, a heat tool and layering stamps. So, nothing new. I would recommend using a Stamping Tool if you have one, but it is not essential for this technique.

Hello Feathers Layered heat embossing tutorial

Embossing powder is in fact finely ground plastic that melts and fuses when heat is applied. You need to use a sticky embossing ink or a similar ink that remains wet for a while (e.g. pigment inks) for the powders to adhere to your card – these are the basics of heat embossing.

Layered heat embossing can be done in a few ways and I demonstrate this within the feature to help get you started. Layering stamps are perfect for this technique, stencils can be used in a similar way and you can also combine the two.

Layered heat embossing tutorial love

You could try using simple symmetrical clear stamps, in which case you stamp with the flat back of the stamp, heat-emboss, then turn and stamp over the top with the stamp front, as you would normally, then heat-emboss.

The biggest tip is to use an embossing tool in between layers. Following these simple steps and thinking outside the box will lead to wonderful embossed designs. Have fun!

Layered heat embossing tutorial group of cards

Step-by-Step Layered heat embossing Tutorial

Step 1 layered heat embossing tutorial 1

1 Place the cardstock into the stamping tool and treat the surface using the embossing tool.

Step 1 layered heat embossing tutorial 2

2 Place the stamps onto the stamping platform and stamp using VersaMark ink.

Step 1 layered heat embossing tutorial 3

3 Sprinkle with embossing powder, heat-emboss, then leave to cool.

Step 1 layered heat embossing tutorial 4

4 Place the cooled cardstock back into the stamping tool and treat the surface using the embossing tool.

Step 1 layered heat embossing tutorial

5 Position the detail-layering stamps over the embossed feathers and stamp over the top using VersaMark ink.

Step 1 layered heat embossing tutorial 6

6 Sprinkle a second colour of embossing powder and heat-emboss. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for better contrast and dimension.

Top tips!

Use an embossing buddy or tool in between the layers

Allow the first layer to cool before applying the next one




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