guide to downloading printable and digital papers

A Guide to digital printable paper downloads

5th February 2019

What is Digital or Printable Patterned Paper?

We’re pretty sure you already know roughly what digital papers are, but here’s a quick explanation and hopefully a few helpful hints to get you started with printing your own patterned paper. Throughout the post the pretty floral digital papers featured in the images can be downloaded from our website – just click the image to go to our printable papers archives.

Free floral Digital Papers 1

Put simply, digital paper is a file that you save (or download) to your computer or tablet containing patterned paper or a page of toppers/designs, which you would usually buy in the form of a physical paper pack or pad.

The file is usually a pdf, jpg or png and can be downloaded to your computer and then printed onto paper with your home printer. these files can also be edited if you have software available but in most cases, you’ll just need to open the file and press print. The files are high quality, so it’s different than just saving an image you find on the web or in a Google search.

No specialist equipment is needed, just a standard printer with coloured ink and some paper. Downloading patterned paper has been really popular in the scrapbooking community for years and it’s getting increasingly more popular with cardmakers too. We’d love to know in the comment if you are a digital cardmaker.

Free Digital Papers and toppers floral patterns

Using Digital Papers – what are the benefits?


Using digital papers with your projects for backgrounds and layers will give you an enormous (almost infinite!) amount of flexibility. You will always have the perfect paper to hand as you can download any printable patterned paper in minutes. As long as you have an internet connection you can get searching for patterned papers that will suit your project.


Because you’re buying a digital file you’ll never pay for postage. Plus you have access to THOUSANDS of designs which you will never find in a regular shop, even an online shop selling paper pads – they just can’t stock everything.  Try sites like Etsy for some really unique designs from indie paper pattern designers.

You only buy once, so when you’re looking at the price bear in mind you can use the digital paper as many times as you like – great for making handmade Christmas cards, wedding stationery or any kind of batch cardmaking. Remember to check Angel Policies if you’re planning on selling your cardmaking projects.


As well as being able to store all your downloads on a hard drive or your own USB sticks, you can also buy patterned papers on ready saved USB sticks or less popular now CDs or DVDs.  This is a physical product so you will pay for postage, however, this can be cost-effective as many sellers will put 100’s of papers onto a USB stick and it saves the time downloading which if the files are big can take a little while.

Free Digital Papers and toppers floral patterns 1

Can you get digital patterned papers for free?

YES! Browse Pinterest for free downloadable digital papers or take a look at our selection. We are growing our digital patterned paper downloads. We’re using our in-house designers and looking for patterned paper and scrapbooking paper designers who’d like to offer downloads to help them get their name out there as all our downloads get featured in our monthly magazine (we’re the number one cardmaking magazine in the world!)  So if that’s you, do get in touch!

Is it complicated to download patterned papers?

No. If you are reading this on a computer or smartphone then you have the skills! You don’t need to be a computer whizz to use digital paper.  It’s easy to download files and print them in the size you need. There’s also always someone online in our Simply Cards and paper closed facebook group if you need any help working out your printer settings! Join our group here Simply Cards & Papercraft Group

What is a Zip File?

Most digital downloads are saved in groups in zipped files, most often either pdf, png files or jpg files which are compatible with most software.

Having a zipped file means you can get very high-resolution images but a speedier download, this will enable you don’t have any pixelated images.

To unzip all the contents of a zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Printing digital papers – is it more expensive because of the ink?

If you’re worried that the cost of printer ink would make printing your papers just as expensive, choosing the right printer and ink will avoid that. You can buy a printer from a market place site like eBay very cheaply and you can also buy compatible rather than branded cartridges which will cut your printing costs right down. Branded inks can be very costly, so looking at alternatives (if your printer will accept them) is a great way to make digital patterned paper really economical.

You can find free digital paper downloads on many websites( including this one) In this post all the pics you see are free downloadable papers you can play with – download them all by clicking here now.Free Digital Papers and toppers floral patterns 2

Which printer is best for printing digital patterned paper downloads?

Choose a printer that uses different cartridges for different colours. That way if you run out of one colour, you can just replace that one cartridge. If you buy a printer designed to print photos, the quality will be perfect for printing digital papers. We’d love to know what kind of printer you have and how well it works when printing digital papers.

What kind of paper should you use for printing digital patterned paper?

Using good-quality paper will also make your printed papers look good, and you don’t need to buy expensive cardstock. 160gsm paper is ideal. Make sure you buy paper that is designed to work with inkjet printers so you get a crisp image that doesn’t bleed. This is the same advice for printing digital stamps – we have a full guide to digital stamps here.

If you’re ready to get going just click here to download all of these beautiful printable floral papers and browse more free downloads in our archives!

free floral digital paper and topper downloads

guide to downloading printable and digital papers

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  • Thank you for these pretty papers. I have been a digital/hybrid card maker since I bought Printmaster in the 1990’s. I now use Photoshop CS6. I have so many fabulous images and papers, I would need a warehouse if I had them as physical pieces. The best part is that there are so many freebies for digital use.

    People say it uses up a lot of ink? I buy ink every 4 months, I think that is cheaper than buying the stamps and paper pads. AND I can resize to whatever I require.

  • Thanks so much for the lovely digital papers.

  • Question …Do I have to rezise the images ref Daffodils to fit die. This is something i find difficult . Thanks

    • Hi this will probably depend on your printer settings – if you print at 100% it should fit.

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