DIY Hair Comb – how to make a pretty floral hairclip

15th May 2019

Follow these step by step tips to make a pretty floral hairclip.

To make this clip we have used the gorgeous Bloom dies which come with issue 191 of Simply Cards & Papercraft – which is available to buy at CraftStash now! Shop Now – use code SCPWNUVO – new customers will get a 20% discount when they sign up for the CraftStash newsletter!

SCP191 Floral Die-Stamp RGB

Materials needed

threaders felt
needle & thread
hair comb
manual die-cutting machine

Instructions to create the floral felt hair comb

1 Die-cut (or cut out with scissors) eleven flowers and eleven leaves from the felt.

2 Sew a running stitch as shown in the photo.

3 Pull the thread to draw in the flower, add a few stitches to secure and knot.

4 Stitch the flower to the hair comb, wrapping the thread around the comb several times to secure in place.

5 Sew and bind more flowers and leaves along the hair comb (running stitches along the centre of the leaves to add to the design are optional).

6 You can add a few flowers or as many as you like, building up the effect as desired.

It’s as simple as that!

Once you master making these simple felt flowers, why not try adding them to hairbands, hair slides or shoe clips


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