How to download and use free digi stamps

How to download and use free digi stamps

10th December 2018

Every month we offer our readers a new set of free digital stamps to download and use in their cardmaking projects – over the years we have built up a huge archive of free digi stamps, we’re getting them all uploaded to this new website, so watch out for new stamps from our archives appearing as well as your free monthly stamps.

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If you’re not sure what a digital stamp is and how to download and use them, please read this guide which we hope will answer all your questions. Just leave a comment if there’s anything we’ve left out.

What is a Digital Stamp or ‘Digi’ Stamp?

A digi stamp is simply a line drawing which is made available as a file to download, they can be free to download or some companies will make a charge for them. You will need a computer or tablet and a printer to use digi stamps.

Once the digi stamp is downloaded the image file can be edited (if required) and then printed out. In the same way you would use an acrylic stamp, you can colour, embellish and ink the image. If you want to heat emboss the stamped image, you will need to trace over it with an embossing pen.

The advantage of a digi stamp is that it can be resized before it is printed, this gives far more flexibility and many creative opportunities. You can print them out and use them on cards, gift tags or many people use them for scrapbooking and journaling.

I have used digi stamps for years. They are so easy to store. I have a filing system on my computer for them, by company and then by type of I have a lot of them. The big advantage is being able to resize them and even merge them. Marianne Fisher (SCP reader)

download free digi stamps - ballerina stamp
A digital stamp design by ‘All Dressed Up

Most people print out the digi stamp and then cut the stamp out and add to the card blank or scrapbook page.  For more experienced computer users you can print the image directly to the card blank, positioning it in the correct place so that when it is printed out it is on the correct side of the card.  With this method, you could use multiple digi-stamps to create a scene which you can then colour and embellish once printed, or even colour the images digitally.

You can use software like Microsoft Paint or even Microsoft Word which come installed on most computers, you don’t need expensive software like Photoshop to make simple changes to the images. If you own a digital die-cutting machine like a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut you can also make use of png files – there are some instructions to show you how over on Cutting for Business blog.

The benefits of Digi stamps

No storage required!
Perfect result every time, no ink smudges!
Free or inexpensive compared to acrylic stamps
Can be resized or flipped for the mirror image
Can be edited
Can print multiple images on one page in a matter of minutes
Get a stamp in minutes from anywhere in the world

How do I download a digi stamp?

how to download digi stamps

To download one of our digi stamps simply go to our free digi stamps page.  Browse for the stamp set you wish to download, then click on Register / Download. Your free digi stamps will be avialable to download as many times as you like in your new account management area which you can find here –  . When you click on download it will ask you where you want to save the image to, we suggest creating a special folder for your downloads so you don’t lose them! It’s no worries if you do delete them by mistake as you can simply download them again.

What is a Zip File?

Digital stamps are usually saved in groups in zipped files, most often either png files or jpg files which are compatible with most software. Png files will have a transparent backgound which means you can print onto patterned or coloured paper.

Having a zipped file means you can get very high-resolution images, this will enable you to make the stamps much bigger and will ensure that you don’t have any pixelated images. Digi stamps unlike clip art will always be high resolution to give you crisp edges.

To unzip all the contents of a zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Best printer ink to use for digital stamping

One of the biggest issues when using digi stamps is that the ink may run when you are colouring your image. If you have a laser printer you will probably find this is not a problem. However, if you have an inkjet printer you may find you need to use a heat gun to set the ink on the paper prior to colouring. Some people also suggest that changing your settings to print using ‘grayscale’ rather than black and white gives a better result too.

All printer ink (toner) and alcohol inks and colouring pens contain different chemicals so there are no guarantees, the best advice is to test your coloring media with your printed image and play with your printer settings until you find the best fit.

If you are thinking of buying a new printer be sure to check the paper thickness it can take, you want to be able to print on cardstock of various weights not just paper.

We suggest using a smooth paper such as Crafter’s Companion printable light paper.

Angel Policy for Digital Stamps

As with any stamp, always do your homework and check the designers Angel Policy before stamping anything you will be selling.

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